Sunday, March 13, 2011

This will get you used to me, Kyle Mahoney...and my odd obbsession with fires and knives.

Introducing Kyle Mahoney,

Hi my name is Kyle Mahoney. I was born in some magical land called Goshen, New York. All I know about that place is A) I was born there and B) It's in New York. Yup that's about all I know about Goshen.  Although, things I do know is how I came to love sports, it started on Saturday, October 26, 1996.when the New York Yankees beat the Atlanta Braves to become champs. The conversation went a little like this. Dad "Hey Kyle come here."
Me "What did I do?"
Dad "Nothing that I know of, but you're about the watch the Yankees prove yet again that they're the best team in Baseball."
Me "The who do what?"
Dad "Just sit and watch" I then proceeded to watch the top of the 9th. It came to a fantastic end when Mark Lempke popped out to Charlie Hayes. There you have it I was hooked for life. I will definitely go into my love of sports in later blogs.
I also love odd random moments that I just to get to see, over hear, am a part of ect.... The following is an actual conversation I over heard. It's a converation between a receptionist and an old guy. Now I was walking into the establishment as the old guy was leaving. As I was about to talk to the receptionist the old guy comes back and says "Excuse me miss but I was just in here and I appear to have lost my glasses have you seen any?"
Receptionist (while looking around) "No Charlie I haven't seen them... they wouldn't happen to be the ones on the top of your head would they?"
The old guy feels the top of his head finds his glasses and looks at them as if thinking "So maybe my wife isn't totally crazy" then says "You're a natural miss, would you please inform Randy that you pass."
He then taps the desk and walks out. After a moment or two of slightly awkward silence I ask "So is Randy your boss?"
The receptionist responds "Randy stopped working here over a year ago... and he was a janitor."
Things like that make my day. Other things I plan on talking about in my blog is my allergy to milk and the comedies that ensue with that, my childhood with Ryan Mahoney and Kaitlyn Tolman, things that I love and hate, really just about anything that tickles my fancy. How often will I post you ask? That is yet to be determined.  We will be in contact.