Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The end of the beginning...does this title make sense? No, no it does not.

The other day I took part in a discussion about the greatest tv/movie friendship duo's of all time. Now when I say "discussion" that usually means we started yelling at eachother and throwing plates to prove our points. At this time I would like to create a top 10 list of friendship duo's.

Honorable mention:

Scooby and Shaggy. They've been best friends since 1969 (Random fun fact #1 that is also the same year we went to the moon. Random fun fact #2 it wasn't a hoax) and never looked back. They paved the way for cross species friendships. Also of note whenever the group split up it was always Scooby and Shaggy who found the "monster". *Random side note* What I don't get is that since it was so obvious that Fred had a thing for Daphne why didn't he ever suggest that Velma go with Scooby and Shaggy? I mean I was 8 and I was yelling at Fred to make a damn move!* (that indicates the end of my random side note) But Shaggy would give Scooby a Scooby treat every episode, which for some inexplicable reason gave Scooby Superman...wait that's not dog powers? Regardless they understood each other way better than a dog and human should.

#10 Hank and Dean Venture.

Brothers by chance. Best friends...well really by chance too. They live incredibly disfuntional lives due to their fathers line of work. Their body guard Brock Sampson (fun fact #3 if I were to make a BAMF list Brock Sampson is #1 hands down with Jason Bourne, Sam Fisher and Jack Bauer close behind him) keeps them alive but they keep each other sane. Both equally awkward in different ways the 2 of them combined is still one nerdy kid who can't swim, get girls or get past their odd obession with Batman, you're right it's not odd. Go team Venture!

#9 Spongebob and Patrick

A cross species friendship that does not include a human. Both of them are so incredibly oblivious you can't help but love them. That element is key in their friendship. Their friendship leaves a wake of destruction in its path. Namely Squidward's life and the Crusty Crab. The best part of this friendship is the simplicity of it.

#8 Stewie and Brian

This friendship has a talking dog and a baby that has a British accent for no reason. The best way to sum up their friendship is here dont worry Brian gets revenge by kicking Stewie in front of an oncoming bus unfortunatly there is no good video of it. They hate and love eachother, and we all know it takes some hate to have a good friendship.

#7 Charlie and Frank

Also known as the gruesome duesome. This friendship clicks for so many great (and creepy) reasons. Frank being like 1000 and Charlie about 30, Frank is crazy rich and Charlie is crazy poor and has no father, Frank ends up being Charlie's dad (a fact they get over quite easily in the show) and Frank banged Charlies dream girl The Waitress being the main ones. They live together in Charlie's should be condemned appartment, and sleep in the same bed in fact. A game, showing the pure weirdness of their friendship is a game called night crawlers. What is night crawlers you ask? It's a game that consists of Frank and Charlie crawling around in the night together like worms. Epic.

#6 Cory and Shawn

Cory and Shawn helped define my childhood. Shawn being the "pretty boy make out slut" friend and Cory being the "I will only ever get one girl" kid. Not even when Cory married that one girl, Topanga they still remained best friends. During the whole show Cory kept Shawn out of too much trouble while Shawn kept Cory grounded in reality. Shawn was always cooler than Shawn, with perfect hair I might add, but he was never too cool for Cory even if he did have chia pet hair.

#5. Captain Kirk and Spock

The original bromance that transends space and time. I feel that is explanation enough. And I'm all ready nerdy enough I don't need Star Trek Nerding me up anymore than it has to.

#4 Marshall and Ted

To me this is almost the perfect friendship. I say almost because if it was perfect it would of course be #1. It seems Marshall and Ted know almost everything about eachother, I mean c'mon Ted was there when Marshall had sex with Lily for the first time; and the first time Marshall told Lily he loved her he was actually saying it to Ted and Funyons. They still lived together once Marshall got married. Marshal explains their friendship like this "Deep in the Amazonian rainforest, there is a tree that only grows around the body of an existing tree. It cannot survive without this tree; it's supported by this tree. Lily, we are that tree." Ted of course being the other tree. It takes absolute best friends to have a sword fight, stabbing ones fiance and then totally being cool afterwards. Thay also have a great theory of "we'll let future Ted and Marshall deal with that."

#3 J.D and Turk

Guy love is one of the greatest songs ever. They have the uptop downlow bumps, hide the saltine, finger or thumb and eeeeaaaggglllleeeee!!!! When JD and Turk hug it makes Carla and Elloit jealous. Carla asks J.D "Tell me my husband loves me more than he loves you." JD responds "It's about that same." J.D and Turk hug more than any heterosexual men I ever heard of. I love their running line of "you smell like______.". They have a stuffed dog together Rowdy, which Carla hates but their bond of best friendship is too strong. 

#2 Is a tie, ok so I know that might technically be cheating but I don't care its my list.  The tie is between Harry and Lloyd and Bill n' Ted.


The epicness of this duo is legendary. They ripped off a hick named Seabass and later knocked him out in a bathroom stall, accidentally killed a professional hitman, rode from somewhere in Nebraska to Coloroda on a scooter, and killed an endagered owl. Those are the makings for an absolutle best friendship. Also of note They wear the classiest clothes as shown above.  It is my life goal to have a road trip with as much pure awesome as theirs did. 

2B. Bill and Ted

The Wild Stallions, be excellent to each other, 69 dude, and...Abraham Lincoln. 86% of the time time travel makes your friendship rise to "Jimmer" status. They even nab 2 midevil babes (random fact #4 It is every mans dream to go back/forward in time and take a babe back with you never thinking about the consequences) They lived the dream...the dream I dream every night.

And the #1 best friendship of all time is Shawn and Gus

In all the other friendships I have previously mentioned there is an aspect of that friendship I don't want, but not with Shawn and Gus' friendship. You want to know what those are? I'll start with Scooby and Shaggy: They are from the 60's and I don't want my best friend to be a dog...that'd just be weird. Spongbob and Patrick: They live underwater so there are so many things in life they miss out on the only ones I will mention are snowboarding and football. Stewie and Brian: I will revert back to my don't want my best friend to be a dog or someone with a British accent. Charlie and Frank: 2 words night crawlers. Cory and Shawn: Shawn ALWAYS got the girls bad friend mojo right there. Also Cory dated a girl named Topanga really what is that name? And he was great friends with the teacher/principal that followed them from 7th grade to college weird much? Kirk and Spock: As epic as and transending space and time is, I have no real desire to go to space as Mccoy said "One tiny crack in the hull, and our blood boils in thirteen seconds. Solar flare might crop up, cook us in our seats. And wait till you're sitting pretty with a case of Andorian shingles. See if you're still so relaxed when your eyeballs are bleeding! Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence." Ted and Marshall: They are also friends with Barney Stintson I couldn't do that. Ever. JD and Turk: They are too girly with their friendship, too many hugs, I don't want anything to do with finger or toe with anyone (even you James) Harry and Lloyd: they're retarded enough said. Bill and Ted: as much I would LOVE to travel in time and be in rock n' roll they unfortunetly had to use time travel to do an assignment for highschool. And Ted's dad is a total douche. Everything about Shawn and Gus' friendship I want. Pyschic detective agency would be the greatest ever, they use so many awesome nerdy jokes. Gus apparently knows every random tidbit ever and he's train enthusiast. Besting a notorious serial killer while the whole time hanging with your best friend? Bantering is at its best with these two.

Now there are many who I thought of for the list I shall name them now Fred & Barney(Flintstones), Master Chief & Cortana(really? I don't have to tell you), Dr. Horrible & Moist(Dr. Horrible), Hiro & Ando(Heroes), Jack & Kate (Lost), Sam Fisher & his gun, Tommy & Chuckie (Rugrats), Zack & Screech (Saved by the Bell), Ted & Barney (How I Met Your Mother), George & Jerry (Seinfeld), Chuck & Morgan (Chuck), Tyler Durden &....Tyler Durden (Fightclub), House & Wilson (House), Fry and Bender (Futurama), Abed & Troy (Community), Bart & Milhouse (Simpsons), Garth & Wayne (Wayne's World). That is the almost made it list maybe one day I'll defend why they weren't on the list...maybe. Now you may be asking is this list biased? Of course it is because it's my list.